Weekly Dax 30 Forecast December 9th-13th,2019

Dax 30 forecast  December 9th-13th,2019

Dax 30 forecast  December 9th-13th,2019


Weekly Dax 30 forecast December 9th-13th,2019

Dax 30 forecast December 

Dax 30 forecast December 9th-13th,2019

DAX 30 Index Forecast and Analysis December 9th-13th, 2019
In favor of falling stock index quotes, a test of the downward trend line . As well as a rebound from the lower boundary .Cancellation of the option of falling index quotations will be a strong growth and a breakdown of the area 12909. This will indicate a breakdown of the upper limit of the model and continued growth of the DAX 30 with a target above the level of 13174. Wait for the fall in quotations to accelerate with the breakdown of the support area and close below 12812.


Technical Analysis  - Dax 30 Forecast  December 9th-13th,2019 
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