Weekly DAX GER30 Forecast 22,25 November 2019

DAX GER30 Forecast 22,25 November 2019

DAX 30 GER 30 Forecast and Analysis  22,25 November 2019

DAX 30  GER 30  Forecast   22,25 November 2019
 DAX 30  GER 30 Forecast 22,25 November 2019
DAX News in 22,25 November 2019

⟰ Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis Dax 30 Forecast  22th_25th November 2019

Technical Analysis GER 30 DAX 30 22th_25th November 2019
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 Trading on the German DAX is recommended only after a good training on price changes in this market because the index is characterized by quick movements and advised to use the stop loss tool accurately and trading on the long term.

The Forex market and the market for economic indicators are difficult and dangerous markets where you are very likely to lose your money and advise to learn trading and training well in demo accounts before entering into real trading deals. Our position is not advisable to enter into specific trades but only provides reliable technical analysis when analyzing the market.

Recommendation 22th, 25th November 2019

 We do not recommend following up on this transaction without studying it well and analyzing the indicator changes based on technical analysis and basic analysis, as well as psychological analysis and entering the transaction in a small size and respecting the management of capital