NZDCAD  Forex Forecast 10th_14th June 2019

NZDCAD Forecast 10th_14th June 2019

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Technical Analysis NZDCAD 10th_14th June 2019

Technical Analysis NZDCAD 10th_14th June 2019
MA200 – H4
Fibo - H4
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Weekly Forex Forecast and Analysis NZDCAD  10th_14th June 2019

We expect the NZDCAD to rise from the current price in the week from 10th_14th June 2019. However, we expect the NZDCAD from 10th_14th June 2019to bounce back down, so we will be trading well on the NZDCAD during this week as soon as we get down this week from strong areas, Eurodollar pair from 10th_14th June 2019 expect it to climb up to the 61 Fibonacci level and then rebound slightly to complete the rally during this week, but the price does not exceed the 200

Daily Forex Forecast and Analysis NZDCAD 10th_14th June 2019

We will, of course, enter real trading over the course of the week from 10th_14th June 2019. Of course we will trade weekly and daily trading, which will be strongly traded on NZDCAD from 10th_14th June 2019. We will enter the NZDCAD pair because the pair is above the 200 MA and The NZD and the weak CAD During the week from 10th_14th June 2019, technical indicators also support the rise of NZDCAD this week and almost all other pairs against the CAD

The general trend NZDCAD 10th_14th June 2019

NZDCAD  This week from 10th_14th June 2019 we expect it to rise, as most of the technical indicators support the uptrend and also the economic indicators support the rise of the NZD and the weakness of the CAD during this week