Dax 30  Forecast 24th_28th June 2019

Weekly Dax 30  Forecast 24th_28th June 2019

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis Dax 30 , 24th_28th June 2019

Technical Analysis Dax 30, 24th_28th June 2019
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Weekly Forecast and Analysis Dax30, 24th_28th June 2019

The German DAX rate in recent weeks has risen significantly and currently the DAX is moving in a strong resistance zone and therefore we expect the German DAX next week to drop from the current price of 11.928.
All technical and economic indicators for Europe support and confirm the weakness of the German DAX next week from 24 to 28 May 2019.

Daily Forecast and Analysis Dax30, 24th_28th June 2019

The next week from 24 to 28 May 2019 DAX will only be for sell.
The DAX 30 stock indexes continue to evolve as part of the correction and early development of the "Triangle" model. At the time of the forecast, the exchange rate for the index was 11902. Moving averages indicate a downward trend. As part of the DAX 30 exchange rate forecast on June 21, 2019, we should expect an attempt to grow and test the resistance level near the 12474 area. Where should we expect a rebound? and continuing the fall of the DAX 30 in the area below the level of 11928.


The general trend Dax30, 24th_28th June 2019

Dax 30 is for sell

What is the German DEX index?

DAX 30 or GER 30 was first published on 1 July 1988 under the name of DAX on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Its value depends on the price of the 30 largest companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Trading hours of course, like other European stock exchanges, are on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm Paris time. The TBS 30 is generally considered a performance indicator, which means that corporate profits are included. For example, for Euro Stoxx 50. If a company wishes to join the DAX, it must be listed in the Prime Prime, be exchanged on Xetra permanently and have a free margin of at least 10%. In addition, the company's registered office must be located in the German state on the European continent or, if the stock trading volume is concentrated in Frankfurt, the company's registered office in the European Union must be one of the necessary conditions. The most powerful companies are listed in the German DAX in terms of market capitalization: Bayer (BAYN), Daimler (DAI), Siemens (SIE), Allianz (ALV), BASF (BAS). The development of the country reflects the evolution of the country's economic situation and is therefore an indicator of the growth of the European economy and the German economy. As Germany alone accounts for almost a third of the Eurozone's economy, the DAX can represent European economic health, as we said before, and the DAX 30 includes its European CAC 40 peers in France and FTSE 100 in the UK and other indicators to come. Strong countries in the European Union.
One of the characteristics of the German DAX is that it is highly liquid and therefore good to trade in case you have a large capital and it respects long and short term technical analysis

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