Weekly OIL Forecast  13th_17th May 2019

OIL  Forecast Analysis   13th_17th May 2019

⟰ Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis OIL  13th_17th May 2019

Technical Analysis OIL 13th_17th May 2019
MA200 – H4
Fibo - H4
Trendline - H4

Weekly  Forecast and Analysis OIL  13th_17th May 2019

Weekly  Forecast and Analysis OIL  13th_17th May 2019,OIL is currently in an important area and has found a fantastic back to the very small Stop Loss  therefore expect the gold to fall further next week and it is possible to drop directly or climb slightly and then go down after knocking to target 59
OIL  over the next week will be for long term purchase and therefore we will enter trading on OIL during the next week of the current prices, we relied on the Fibonacci index and the rising trend of technical analysis OIL

Daily  Forecast and Analysis OIL  13th_17th May 2019

OIL for sale over the next week only we must buy in a good place and a good entry point with a small Stop loss and big goals

The general trend OIL  13th_17th May 2019

OIL  Forecast  13th_17th May 2019,  OIL over the next week from 13th to 17th May 2019  will be for purchase only in the long term


We expect the week of 13th to 17th May 2019 to rise to the OIL and therefore we will enter the long term trading on the pair, we advise not to rush into the trading and expectations for the next week from 13th to 17th May 2019, you must learn the basics of the Forex market, three tools must be learned before entering into real trades, analysis Technical analysis and psychological analysis, must enter the strong areas and a small loser and a large target and entering the areas of support and resistance and strong demand and supply near the levels of Fibonacci and the moving average 200, the Forex market of serious financial markets must manage the head For money and learn the basics of the Forex market

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