NZDUSD Forex Forecast  6th_10th May 2019

NZDUSD Forex  Forecast  6th_10th May 2019

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Technical Analysis NZDUSD  6th_10th May 2019

Weekly Forex Forecast and Analysis NZDUSD  6th_10th May 2019

We expect the NZDUSD to see further downside over the coming week, when the NZDUSD pair reaches the strong support area and we will enter strong selling positions on the NZDUSD pair and thus the NZDUSD pair over the next week will be long term bearish
We expect the NZDUSD over the next week from 6 to 10 May to rise over the long term but we can enter the NZDUSD trading session during the week as a link but necessary to enter the trades in the support area Almashr in the graph and not to enter into random trades on the pair NZDUSD

Daily Forex Forecast and Analysis NZDUSD  6th_10th May 2019

NZDUSD Forex  Forecast  6th_10th May 2019 This week NZDUSD will see a sharp decline over the next week and NZDUSD is likely to fall and reach the mentioned target on the chart

We can enter the real NZDUSD trading during this week but in support areas or strong resistance areas, the support areas we have used the use of the Fibo and Trendline

The general trend NZDUSD  6th_10th May 2019

NZDUSD pair to sell during next week but in strong resistance areas


The traders are following our weekly trades not to rush into entering positions, buying and selling from strong demand areas and studying the fundamentals of the Forex market, fundamental analysis, psychological analysis, technical analysis and capital management.
We ask our dear followers not to rush into buying or selling positions on the pair except in the strong support and resistance areas mentioned in the chart ie moving away from buying the NZDUSD near the falling trend or from the Fibo ratios

NZDUSD pair of important pairs in the Forex market and respects the basic antithesis Unlike some other pairs, the pair must trade the capital