Weekly Technical Analysis for NZDJPY 9,12 April 2019

Prediction NZDJPY : Go down after touching the resistance area
Daily Trend  NZDJPY : Falling
Weekly Trend NZDJPY : Rise
NZDJPY Recommendation: Sell after Price Action


Weekly Analysis of the NZDJPY pair

NZDJPY is expected to come down next week after climbing to support and rebound, and we expect NZDJPY to reach 74.83. NZDJPY is expected to continue to decline in the coming weeks and likely to drop to 74.15

NZDJPY Daily Analysis

 Possible bearish value and reach 74.84

The general trend of the pair NZDJPY

 The expected decline of the price of the New Zealand dollar for the next two weeks and reach the price of 74.14

The deal that we will enter 

We will enter a sell-off on a pair of pairs after touching the support area at a low level