Weekly Technical Analysis for USOIL  9,12 April 2019

Prediction for USOIL : A bearish correction
Daily Trend for USOIL : Falling
Weekly Trend for USOIL : Rise
USOIL Recommendation: Sell after Price Action


Weekly Technical Analysis for USOIL  9,12 April 2019

Weekly Technical Analysis for usoil

 Oil is expected to correct during this week after coming from a strong support area on the basis that it will return to the upside in the coming weeks

Daily technical analysis for usoil

 Oil is expected to correct during this week and therefore likely to drop oil prices in the coming days until the price of 60.74 to return to rise and continue the upward path until the touch of the price 64 and then expected to complete the historic rise of oil and therefore likely to sell the sale of oil during the next week

General Oil Trend

The general trend of oil during this week is to go down to the price of 60.74 and then continue to climb during the coming weeks until the touch of the price of 64

OIL Recommendation

 We recommend that our followers enter into the oil deal to sell during this week, but taking into consideration the risk of trading and entering plut is low and without using the leverage and income based on your analysis and analysis

Key Features of Forex Trading:

• Ability to trade both WTI and Brent on multiple Forex platforms. Brent is more than half of the world's crude.

• Some platforms allow oil trading through CFDs, and the contract trades as if it were a currency pair. CFD is an abbreviation for CFDs. (OTC) financial instruments, which include payment in cash and have a validity date. These contracts are traded as if they were a pair of currencies but within a different margin and leverage. One oil contract representing the value of 100 barrels of oil estimated in US dollars.

Oil is usually traded against the US dollar, as crude oil is priced in US dollars to date. Thus, the US dollar exchange rate plays an important role in the pricing of crude oil daily. Essentially, if the US dollar depreciates, we will see a rise in crude oil prices, and vice versa.

• The market operates at specific times for some oil trading platforms. For example, it can be traded between 02:00 and 21:00 London time for some platforms, as these platforms allow access to specific buy / sell contracts.

If you decide to engage in the crude oil market, you have to be fully aware that they are highly volatile. Prices are affected by many factors and can experience a significant rise or fall, and quickly. Without a doubt, highly volatile financial instruments are also very risky, but crude oil is highly liquid and offers excellent opportunities for profit in almost all markets, given its privileged position on the world's economic and political map.

Thus, a good understanding of the mechanism

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