Weekly Forex Forecast  22th-26th April 2019

 Forex Forecast  22th-26th April 2019

Technical Analysis Forex 22th-26th Apr 2019 .

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Currency pairs to focus on during this week : AUDUSD * NZDUSD * USDMXN

Daily  Forecast and Analysis AUDUSD  April 22— 26, 2019

The AUDUSD pair over the next week will see a sharp decline in its expected target and therefore we have already entered into a selloff on AUDUSD

Daily  Forecast and Analysis NZDUSD April 22— 26, 2019

NZDUSD pair to sell over the next week and we can enter a deal on the pair after reaching the target mentioned in the figure


Daily FOREX Forecast and Analysis USDMXN April 22— 26 , 2019

We will enter the USDMXN immediately after touching the bearish trend and expect next week to go down and then bounce back