Technical Analysis  EURUSD 8, 12 April 2019

 We expect the EURUSD to rise during the week after touching the strong support area and the EURUSD is likely to rise to 1.1340. EURUSD was last week in a tight range but we expect it to rise directly this week Price of 1.1340.

Daily Analysis EURUSD 8, 12 April 2019

 EURUSD is expected to rise during this week after retreating from the strong support area and expect the pair to reach 1.1340.

Overall TrendEURUSD  8, April 12, 2019

The general trend for the EURUSD pair is bullish, the EURUSD is likely to rise during this week.

Recommendation EURUSD 8, April 12, 2019

 During this week we will enter into a EURUSD transaction from the current price of the first target of 1.1340. We do not recommend follow-up to enter into this deal only with respect to financial management and enter a small size and to enter into real deals after learning the basics of trading.