The "13 thousand votes" hits the Turkish lira

The weakness of the Turkish lira to record 5.7120 against the dollar on Monday, after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said it is impossible for the opposition candidate to announce victory in Istanbul by a margin of 13 to 14 thousand votes.
The pound depreciated nearly 1.58 percent from Friday's close of 5.6220 after Erdogan's comments when he reiterated that his party was seeking a full recount of votes in Istanbul.

The currency, which hit 5.6775 at 07:46 GMT, was under pressure from the preliminary results of the municipal elections, which showed Erdogan's AK Party losing control of Ankara and Istanbul to the main opposition Republican People's Party.

The AKP has already challenged preliminary results in all of Istanbul's 39 constituencies, leading to a partial or complete recount in parts of major Turkish cities.

The AKP seemed incomprehensible to defeat, and had a strange situation, since since 2002 it has controlled the municipalities of major cities, such as Istanbul and Ankara.

The opposition accuses Erdogan of working to use his power to overthrow Istanbul's results, in an attempt to avert the brutal defeat.

Technical Analysis DAX GER30 9,12 April 2019