Technical Analysis USDINDEX 8, 12 April 2019

Weekly Analysis USDINDEX 8,12 April 2019

 The US dollar is expected to rebound from its current price next week after coming close to strong resistance and is likely to drop sharply during the week to reach 96.86.

Daily Analysis of the USDINDEX  8, 12 April 2019

 According to the technical analysis is expected to rise the US index 12070 and the rebound from him and this is the deal we will enter the management of capital.

General Trend USDINDEX 8, 12 Apr 2019

 The USD index is moving in a bullish direction so far but we expect it to bounce back

Recommendation USDINDEX  8, 12 April 2019

 We do not recommend following up on this transaction without studying it well and analyzing the indicator changes based on technical analysis and basic analysis, as well as psychological analysis and entering the transaction in a small size and respecting the management of capital

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