Technical Analysis Platinum  8, 12 April 2019 

Weekly  Analysis Platinum  8, 12 April 2019 

 Platinum is likely to rebound from current prices and fall strongly as the price of platinum in a strong and tight resistance area

 Daily Analysis Platinum 8, 12 April 2019 

 The price of platinum may fall from the current price to the first target of 877, we entered a deal on platinum.

General Trend Platinum 8, 12 April 2019 

 Falling after the price rebound from a strong weekly resistance zone and it is likely that the price of platinum will fall until the first target 877.


 It is recommended to use stop loss and the promise of entry at a large size and learn the basics of trading before entering into real deals.

Technical Analysis DAX GER30 9,12 April 2019