Technical Analysis GBPAUD 9,12 April 2019

Technical Analysis GBPAUD

 Weekly Analysis GBPAUD9,12 April 2019

 We expect the GBPAUD to rebound from current prices and therefore expect the pair to rise and jump higher. The pair is now in a good buy area and is a very strong area that can bounce them strongly.

Daily Analysis GBPAUD 9,12 April 2019

Today the pair is in a strong demand zone and the price will return to the upside of 1.8465. HGZTR? At this price we stop the deal and enter another purchase after the correction

 intraday analysis GBPAUD 9,12 April 2019

 The pair is now in a strong support area, Fibo at 61, the gold figure, we expect the GBPAUD to bounce back from it and rise higher.


 GBPAUD is characterized by rapid movement and therefore advised not to enter into transactions on this pair only check the use of the Stop Loss tool

Important Note 

 Entering transactions in our website is not available. We only offer the deals you enter and we do not recommend your followers to enter them, but only use them in the technical and basic analysis of the market and advise you to learn the fundamentals of the market before entering into our deals