OIL Forecast And Analysis 29 April_May 3, 2019 

OIL Forecast 29 April-May 3, 2019

Technical Analysis OIL 29 April-May 3,2019

Weekly Forecast and Analysis OIL 29 April-May 3,2019

We expect oil to rebound from the current support area next week. Oil during the past week was in a bullish wave and we expect oil to continue to rise from the current price.

Daily Forecast and Analysis OIL 29 April-May 3,2019

Oil movements in the near term on the daily will only be high, but despite the fact that oil will know a slight correction next week but at the end of the week and when approaching the green areas we will buy oil again

The general trend OIL  29 April-May 3,2019

The general trend of oil is bullish in the coming days and will go up to reach the target $ 70 and then think about entering into sales deals on oil but now the oil to buy only..


Our dear followers should not enter into the transactions we are entering, knowing the movements of the oil and raw materials market, and thus it is necessary to study the fundamentals of the raw materials market, technical, basic and psychological analysis

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