EUR/USD Forecast and Analysis 29 April_May 3, 2019

EUR/USD Forex Forecast  29 April-May 3, 2019

Technical Analysis EURUSD 29 April-May 3,2019

Weekly Forecast and Analysis  29 April-May 3,2019

We expect the pair to reach further downside, but now it is in a bullish wave and therefore we can buy a pair of EURUSD of the current prices, but the wonderful trades will be selling a pair of EURUSD  especially when the price of EURUSD reached the value of 1.1232 . Our targets for the EURUSD pair would be 1.1024.

Daily  Forecast and Analysis  29 April-May 3,2019

EURUSD Over the next week we expect more long-term declines but EURUSD will be trading on the EURUSD, especially in the areas indicated on the chart

The general trend EURUSD 29 April-May 3,2019

EURUSD pair over the next week will be buying in the strong support areas indicated on the chart and for the long term sale in the strong resistance area also referred to in the chart


The traders are following our weekly trades not to rush into entering positions, buying and selling from strong demand areas and studying the fundamentals of the Forex market, fundamental analysis, psychological analysis, technical analysis and capital management.

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