EUR/NZD FOREX Forecast and Analysis 22— 26April 2019

EUR/NZD FOREX  Forecast  22— 26 April 2019

⟰ Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis FOREX EURNZD 22th-26th Apr 2019 .

Weekly FOREX  Forecast and Analysis EURNZD 22— 26 April 2019

EURNZD is bullish and bearish over the next week but we will not enter the buy until the EURNZD price reverses the neckline and the target will be as shown in the chart

Daily  Forecast and Analysis EURNZD   22— 26 April 2019

In the coming days, we will enter into EURNZD selling trades in the red zone, the resistance zone that EURNZD has now reached

The general trend EUR/NZD 22th-26th April 2019

The overall trend for the EURNZD pair is rising but after retesting above the neckline

The general trend of the EURNZD pair is rising strongly throughout the week and we expect the EURNZD to drop from the current price towards the target indicated in the chart


Please enter into real transactions after studying the fundamentals of the Forex market and not trading without studying the basic analysis, technical and psychological

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