EURNZD Forex Forecast 29 April_May 3, 2019 

EURNZD Forex  Forecast 29 April-May 3, 2019

⟰ Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis EURNZD 29 April-May 3,2019

Weekly Forex Forecast and Analysis EURNZD  29 April-May 3,2019

We expect the EURNZD to rise from the current price. The EURNZD pair over the past week has seen a strong fall but we expect the pair to rebound from the current price and rise and achieve the target set out in the chart

Daily Forex Forecast and Analysis EURNZD 29 April-May 3,2019

EURNZD will be buying over the next week and we expect the pair to rise further from the current strong support area

The general trend EURNZD 29 April-May 3,2019

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