EUR/AUD Forecast and Analysis April 15 — 19, 2019

EUR/AUD Forecast  April 22— 26, 2019

Technical Analysis EURAUD 15th-19th Apr 2019 .

Weekly Forecast and Analysis EURAUD  April 22— 26, 2019

EURAUD is currently in a strong area and a strong support area is not advised to buy from this area or sell but we expect the pair to drop from this region strongly for the target mentioned in the chart, we expect the EURAUD to decline during the next week

Daily  Forecast and Analysis April 22— 26, 2019

The EURAUD pair will be on sale during the next week after a break of the FIBO gold value and thus the EURAUD pair is selling for daily time

The general trend EURAUD 22th-26th Apr 2019 

For Selling


Our traders should not enter the trades without studying the fundamentals of the Forex market, study the technical and fundamental analysis and psychological analysis and carry out trades on virtual accounts before the real accounts

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