DAX GER30 Forecast and Analysis April 22 — 26, 2019

DAX GER30  Forecast  April 22— 26, 2019

⟰ Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis Dax 30 22th-26th Apr 2019 .

Weekly Forecast and Analysis Dax 30 April 22— 26, 2019

After breaching the German DAX to 11800 we expect the DAX to rise further in the coming week and therefore the German DAX will only buy after the neckline will enter trading on the DAX in the areas indicated by name and in areas of strong support

Daily  Forecast and Analysis Dax 30 April 22— 26, 2019

Next week will be fun to trade on the German DAX in intraday trading and only buy trades in the DAX areas crossed the neckline and the DAX is likely to reach the next 12 days value of 12800

The general trend Dax 30 22th-26th Apr 2019 

The general trend of German DAX is bullish in the coming days after crossing the Fibonacci level in the Fibo after breaking the neckline


We ask our dear followers not to enter into our deals without studying the fundamentals of the German DAX stock market characterized by liquidity and high credit and therefore do not enter real deals until after studying and training well on the stock market

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