Technical Analysis usdcad 1 April 2019

Daily Analysis usdcad 03.April 2019

The general trend: The USDCAD is trading in a medium and short term downtrend after failing to breach the 1.3450 levels for the second consecutive period, which led to a significant drop in prices, a change in direction since the end of March and a bearish channel formation , Which is expected to see further dusd cad sellin for a long timeseclines to reach 1.3250 levels in the short term.

Moving averages: Looking at the average (200 - 100), we find that the prices have fallen in the lowest during the week, noting the approaching (intersection of death) where the average decline of the lowest 100 average 200, indicating his confirmation of further decline during Short-term.

Liquidity Flow Index: A indicator of momentum indicators and measurement of trading volumes, indicating the direction of the flow of liquidity either in the direction of buy or sell, we find that it reached the 20 areas and it indicates short-term selling, so we can see a slight rebound The higher the correction frame then the lower and lower again.

Recommendation, sell trades from the current levels can be entered with a target price at 1.3250 in the short term, and if the correction is correct, sell from 1.3300 and hold 1.3375 as short term stop loss.
usdcad selling in long time