CHF/JPY Forecast and Analysis April 22— 26, 2019

CHF/JPY FOREX Forecast  April 22— 26, 2019

Technical Analysis FOREX FORECAST CHFJPY 22th-26th Apr 2019 .

Weekly FOREX Forecast and Analysis CHFJPY  April 22— 26, 2019

The pair is likely to rise CHFJPY after a slight rebound in the next week and then we will enter a  trade on the CHFJPY pair during the next week our targets will be based on the price of 111.21

Daily FOREX Forecast and Analysis CHFJPY April 22— 26, 2019

The CHF/JPY pair over the next week would be great to enter into long positions but after the correction and access to the strong support area we will enter the pair on the pair

The general trend CHFJPY 22th-26th Apr 2019 

The overall trend for the CHF/JPY pairs is bullish during the coming week but in the Green Zone the target areas are targeted


Our site is not recommended to follow the entry into the buying or selling transactions that we enter, the market is very serious and Forex must study the fundamentals of the Forex market before entering into real trading

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