The currencies are originally currencies of countries and each country has its own currency that wants to impose on all countries and hopes to control the currency in all countries

So we must study and understand the economy of each country and each currency and how the economy controls the currency rate

As long as we mention the economy, you must first know what the economy is and what the economy is made up of

The economy is a study of the conditions of the state and is always aimed at growth and is always aimed at raising the standard of living of individuals in the state

The economy consists of three main elements


Raw materials

Capital (money)

After the completion of these three elements is estimated to be an economy and estimated production wheel will be estimated and operating growth in the state

But if any of the three elements is broken, the economy will inevitably suffer

This is for the definition of the economy

Ok stages of the economy and the most important need

In any economy in the world, any country must pass through five essential stages

It is as follows

Summit stage

Here the economy is at its best and all economic indicators always come positive (green)

The stage of retreat

Normal does not mislead the situation on the situation even in the economy and phase D after the indicators come all positive start in the transition to a gradual negative and decline again

Bottom stage

This is a post-retreat phase and here the economy will be in awe of its situations and most or all indicators will be negative

Recovery phase

This is the post-bottom phase. The economy is beginning to recover again and activity is starting to show some positive signs

The growth stage and the summit again

Here is the post-recovery phase and the start of the economy and the indicators are once again positive

These are the five stages of the economy and all of them can be exemplified very simply and take an example

Consider the period of trading a whole day as an individual like an economic session Have you ever found that the price remains in a constant Saudization or always falling in the price does not even pass a small economic cycle

The price goes and achieves the highest point or higher Hai and then begin to decline again and then go and achieve less points or less Luo and then begin to recover again

So the economic cycle is not countries in the world