One of the most difficult things you can face in currency trading is the point of getting out of the deal (profit-taking point) .. !! Because it happens a lot that we enter deals and after making a floating profit and waiting in the market to fade this profit and may turn into a loss if you do not close the deal in time ... !! So in this article we will discuss when we should get out of the deal ... !?

1- Upon reaching support or resistance

One of the most commonly used methods is to wait for the price to reach a certain resistance or support area to break out of the deal. This is one of the most convenient and used methods.

2. Dependence on simple arithmetic mean

This method is only suitable for those who use trend tracking strategies. They only exit the transaction by crossing the moving averages or breaking the price for a given average. This method also depends on the interval you are working on ... This method is preferred over time intervals Big ..?! Where the oscillation period is less than it may give a better signal to exit ..

3 - Japanese candles

Japanese candlesticks are also a type of technical analysis that may give you a specific point to break out of the trade, but it is not preferable to rely on it alone. You must rely on it as well as support or resistance. But little used to get out of it ... !! But this is an effective way to try.

4. Close the transactions by the end of the day

Many traders follow this pattern - closing deals by the end of the day. In this way they use time instead of price.

5. Use the age line or kijn tooth in the ichmoko system

The age line and the age line are fantastic if they are used properly ... they are trend indicators and can make you get out of the deal after getting the most out of it. But you should use them only if there is a trend.
There are a lot of ways you can use ..., choose what suits your style of trading and your psychology as well.