Stock market
 The stock is defined as a piece of the company. When you buy a stock, you buy part of the company by the fact of the matter. The stock market is the place where these stocks are bought and sold, and the stock markets have strict rules regarding the trading of stocks and listed companies. The purchase and sale of shares in trading rooms, which began to disappear after the trading is done electronically.
Listing the company in the stock market :
A company is listed on the stock market through something called the initial public offering. When the company needs to increase its capital, the price of the month is determined based on the value of the company being guessed and the number of shares to be raised, the company directly takes the money from the initial public offering In which the shares were raised to develop their business, and the stock continues to trade on the stock exchange, such as the New York Stock Exchange, and others.
Importance of Equity Markets :
 The importance of equity markets lies in a number of things: the stock market allows companies to put their shares and bonds in order to raise their capital. Allowing investors to contribute and participate in the company's financial achievements, in addition to collecting financial benefits from the company. A financial measure, where the stock market becomes a financial measure, an important source of decision-making, and an assessment of the state of the economy in general. Play an important role in mobilizing national savings and financing the economy.
Stock Market Actors :
 There are many people, nominees, and various actors associated with the stock market, including brokers, traders, stock analysts, portfolio managers, and investment banks. Each has a special role, many roles are intertwined and interdependent to make the market work effective.
Major Global Equity Markets :
There are a number of the largest and most important stock markets in the world, including: New York Stock Exchange: the market size of 19223 billion US dollars, and the age of more than 200 years. NASDAQ: Market size is $ 6831 billion. London Stock Exchange: US $ 6187 billion. TSE: Market size is $ 4485 billion. Shanghai Stock Exchange: Market size is 3986 billion US dollars. Hong Kong Stock Exchange: Market size is US $ 3325 billion. Note: It is worth mentioning that the oldest Stock Exchange, is the Amsterdam Stock Exchange in the Netherlands.