1. Do not trust blind trust
Do not trust any news you see about an investor who has ventured into the digital currency trading world, and does not trust false conversations on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., because all this is not actual people experience, actual experience is not too much talk and a lot of publications.
2. Begin as you can

It is the beginning of your investment in the field of digital currencies according to your financial ability, and we do not advise you to carry out any transactions, whether banking or individual, or even to encourage others to participate in trading, do you guarantee that you will be able to pay these funds? Nothing dear dear reader.
3. Planning goals

Anything we do in all our lives has been a target earlier, as are the important steps in the trading process, you have set your goals in trading, for example, to follow the specific currencies, and to know the best purchase price for this currency, as well as better knowledge Selling price, both long and short term, and looking for codes that predict the future of this currency in the long and near term.
4 - Stay away from anxiety
You have to tell my friend before making any decision, whether small or large, because the trading area is not governed by rules, today's big, it can be small tomorrow, and vice versa, you must be wise in your decision when taking any business in every deal, In any reckless act, you must remain calm to know when to make the right decision, to overcome the least losses.
5 - lack of faith in luck
If you want to actually trade in digital currencies, do not venture on the basis of luck or guesswork. If you want to become a real and successful investor in your site, always take the reasons, put the right points in place, take the science, take expert advice, Scientific and economic. Remember that if you want to become a successful investor you need to search for information wherever you are.
6. Learning from mistakes
When you take a risk and you actually lose even if the loss is not great, you should know that you have to learn from this situation that led you towards this loss even if it is small as you mentioned, make a thorough and thorough analysis of this situation that led you to loss, Do not repeat them again, to redeem the great dangers.
7. Data analysis

You need to learn how to analyze the data. In particular, we recommend that you learn all this alone, because you will know the importance of it if you bring the information yourself, without dictating anyone else, and you will taste the risk, gain and loss accurately than others, and you must master the prices and understand everything around them. , What makes them fall and rise, when they will rise, when they will fall, and what should be expected when something happens.
8. Do not underestimate
Do not underestimate the area of ​​trading in digital currencies, and consider a place for quick and alternative profit, or lateral, is something to invest in it like any investment in life and do not underestimate, actually, what if you lied to? You will learn the meaning of this when you lose a real loss, do not wait for this step, you should never be insulted by investing in this area, because that is the future.
9. Learn intelligently
Teaching yourself is really important and indicates that you are on the right track. This is essential if you want to succeed in investing, but that is not enough. You should also be familiar with the experiences of other investors on the other hand, to learn what you are familiar with Tags, etc. which you are not sufficiently familiar with.
10. Organize your time
You should not make your job the concern is investing and money, if you are really like that, I would love to tell you that you are on the wrong track, my friend, and inevitably you will lose your money even if you make a profit at the beginning. In proper form and organize leisure time and give to every right person.