Growth and economic prosperity need stability and facilities, and we can expect the impact of news on the price of the currency, for example, the increase in unemployment adversely affect the economic performance of the country and therefore the value of currency
There are many other factors in which we can expect the direction of the currency
- Weak exports

The exchange rate is affected by exports and imports. If a country's exports are larger than its imports, then the demand for that country's currency by other countries will be greater than that of the other currencies. Conversely, if a country's exports are larger than its imports This will increase the value of that country's currency and if its imports are larger than its exports, this will lead to a devaluation of its currency as an example. One reason for the recent volatility of the Canadian dollar is Trump's intention to increase customs duties on Canadian goods. s Affects the Canadian Dollar
- Raising interest rates
The increase in interest rates in a country increases the demand for its currency and then increases its value and vice versa. The higher the interest rate, the higher the return of the lenders
As a living example of the appreciation of the US dollar after raising interest rates
- High oil prices
Adversely affect the economy of the industrialized countries and hence its currency
Inflation Rates
Countries with low levels of inflation enjoy higher currency appreciation than countries with high levels of inflation
- Public debt
The higher the public debt rises, the higher the inflation rate will be, the less attractive to foreign investors
- Political and security factors
The exchange rate is not only affected by economic factors, but the exchange rate is also affected by political and security factors. If there is security and political stability in a country, this leads to the confidence of the other country in the economies of that country due to the reflection of political and security stability. This country for the purpose of investment in the bad shares or bonds of that country and notes that the exchange rates of the currencies of industrialized countries are greatly affected by the political conditions experienced by it
Of course, trading with this information and news helps trading and the biggest success rates of the expectations, especially for the medium and long term through an overview and a special study of the currency and the state and choose the right time to enter the buying or selling on the currency