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Risk Statement
Disclosure Policy and Risk Disclosure  strives to provide the best trading tools to all its customers including trading climate conditions and evidence

, But it is worth mentioning that  does not provide or organize any advice or advice regarding private investments


It is also worth noting that  allows all traders to trade on contracts, investments and deals of similar sizes and speculations

The big thing would involve a high risk leading to loss or loss of capital, as this kind of trading does not

It is suitable for all traders alike. You must understand and understand all the risks related to trading and studying

The subject is a big deal before you start trading.

Also, when you start trading you agree that investments, bonds, trading contracts, and other remittances

Which you can do on the  site can be carried out on financial tools and methods that you have not known before or have not

Use them and trade them on any exchange or exchange of investment by.

Investments can be easily unattainable.

Some of the risks related to services may include:

All contracts and investment bonds are subject to significant risk that may affect the capital and cause its loss and this is subject to valuation

As it can not be determined in advance in a precise and effective manner.

As is generally accepted, the use of financial instruments in circulation may pose a serious risk to your investment in terms of forms

Other commonly used in investment such as (securities / debt / collective investment schemes).  does not warrant or guarantee to you the convenience of your account and the expected profit accruing to us or even any related part.

It is also worth noting that the value of your investments and the amount of profit derived from these investments can be inflated

It decreases every moment but it is not guaranteed.

The CFD's trading in  may involve a large amount of speculation

And carries a large amount of risk to all traders without any exception, which would lead to the loss of part of the capital

Or loss of all the capital invested by traders, so you dear customer to be knowledgeable and knowledgeable and knowledgeable

This type of investment and the risk it contains on the capital of the investor, so it is preferable not to invest and not to conflict

With a capital or amount that can not afford to lose, and it is important to be aware of the margin trading system and how much

The seriousness of the matter and the approval and agreement of Dear Customer under this statement that you are fully aware of all the above risks.

Based on the above mentioned high financial risks of trading in this statement, we, as  make no guarantees


Or all the capital and investments that have been deposited and your own.  does not assume any responsibility for the validity of information or content provided by third parties

This includes the site and information provided on this website.

And that any use of this site or any of its pages is subject to the terms and conditions of which it is possible that the site  changes it from time to time based on its own and individual decisions.

It is also possible and likely to bear a loss of part of the capital or a total loss for each head of your owner and investments when trading,

In the case of profit making you should be aware that the market is fast moving and change, do not invest if you are unable to

Bear the loss.