First phase: understanding the basic functioning of the stock market
The stock market is a market known by everyone, but few engage in it. What makes the average citizen so reluctant to invest in the stock market is above all his ignorance of the subject. He thinks it's probably a scam. But those who let themselves be tempted, will first try to start with a demo account. At this level, those who make easy gains on these accounts, end up catching the big head and believing that they are born traders. But, soon after losing half of the investment, we realize that trading is not as easy as that. Certainly, we can achieve some benefits by chance, but in the long run, if we are not experienced enough, luck can not continue to smile indefinitely. It is by making this bitter conclusion that we learn that trading is not based on feeling, and that if it makes us win from time to time, it always ends up ruining us. After this first lesson, we are ready to move on to the second phase.

Second phase: study the financial market properly
This is one of the essential bases of trading. And to really assimilate it, you have to work really hard and never stop learning. That's what it's like to be a trader, it's a perpetual apprenticeship in this art that will alone make you a rich person. It will be necessary, at this level, to learn the main lines (methods, strategies and types of market analysis etc ...) and to deepen your knowledge gradually.
Be prepared to spend the whole day studying these topics. This is not easy, and you will probably begin to doubt your ability to learn. But do not give up. Do not be fooled, try to have the necessary passion for what will be in your future bread. Forget that you do it for the money, because you will see that there is a great sense of accomplishment just by learning things that we thought were too difficult for us. And before you know it, you will have already passed this stage.

Third phase: Understanding the essence of Trading
What can not we acquire by theory? This is of course the practice and the conclusions that can be drawn from it. Do not be fooled, many of the best traders have never learned trading in a school. It is by learning on the job that these traders have access to much more valuable knowledge than can be found on any manual. An absolute truth on which all traders in the world agree is that the method we thought we could find, and that we will always make money on the stock market does not exist in the real world. This is what you learn after a period of experience riddled with gains and losses. And in the end, only those who have learned to read the graphics will be able to live from this work and realize their dreams.

The most dangerous game for a trader will always be the relationship between risk management, and the management of one's own emotions. The psychological aspect is undoubtedly the hardest to master. To become a good trader, and even if this happens naturally in general, with the experience, you will start to review some techniques that you thought obsolete, to reconsider your losing positions etc ... This will help you better understand how the curves on field ! This will greatly help you change or even improve your judgment of curves. Little by little, you will be able to make better decisions when you doubt in certain situations. However, to do this, you will need to learn how to handle stress and not be impulsive when investing. We must accept both gains and losses. These are two facets of a single currency.

Fourth phase: Trading online his professional activity
Once you are used to trading, it will become part of your daily activities. And after a while, you will develop reflexes that will make this activity easier and enjoyable. It will be one of those things you do without much thought, and you will never miss obvious and easy winnings. You no longer need to study hard to learn more, because what you already know is able to earn you enough. It is now easy for you to grow your investments without taking your head too much. Here you are, you are now in the last phase, the one that will allow you to live trading!