Who is Waikov?
He is one of the five great analysts and his methods are still taught in universities

, Based on his theories, studies and real life experiences, he developed a trading methodology that stood in front of the time test, and helped him assess the market.
How financial markets work

Definition of financial markets

Is the place or institutions where sellers and buyers meet for foreign currencies in order to achieve profits through the currency differences of currencies and to operate the financial markets 24 hours a day and availability of quantities of supply and demand must exist senior banks and investors to provide the supply and required by the parties at any time and for any quantity and hence principle

The principle of monopoly

The principle of monopoly is the basis of the work of the Forex market is the central banks and investment banks and the giant portfolios, which have high liquidity in the cases of selling and buying and ultimately aim to reach prices to certain price levels and also to achieve profits so they are the basis of movements that occur in the market where Wakov concluded that the movement of the market is divided Three basic stages

The first stage - the law of supply and demand

The second stage - the law of effort and result

The third stage - the law of cause and effect

Law of supply and demand

The law of supply and demand. This law, which is simply known in the economy, comes as demand rises as the price increases and demand is reduced as the supply rises, but with the low price demand will increase and supply decreases.

The law of effort and result

The law of effort and result "effort against the result" This law provides the price result that must be commensurate with the effort "quantities" and this applies to the talk of market movements in the case of moving the price in the range of the occasional period of time in the assembly or discharge must move the price after the movement Which is proportional to the effort exerted in the occasional movement

Cause and effect law

The reason for the movement is always in the financial markets, the basis of the quantities of supply and demand in the market and the cause of the movement are the makers of the market or the MarkerMaker either in the assembly or discharge and thus the result of the movement is a strong end in one direction as explained previously

The stages of the market based on the theory of Wakov

Market makers are divided into three stages

Assembly stage

Stage of discharge

Trend stage