Becoming a successful Forex trader is one of the things that every investor or trader in the big forex market is seeking, which includes many of the currency giants. In this open market, all employees are looking for profit and are trying in various ways to access lucrative commercial markets. , Where the market has appeared to them "Forex" where they have experienced and made a lot of profits through working in this market, which anyone can work in it, but before going into this market where the Giants and businessmen who have the experience and the countless must You have to train and learn so you do not get out of it while you are in The peak of extreme frustration.
Study before risk
So you can achieve success in Forex Before you start any trading you should study the risks around you,

In addition to knowing the amount of loss and the amount of gains that will be achieved from behind each process,

Based on this you know whether you should start this trading process or not.
Accept loss
Before I talk to you at this point, I would like to draw your attention to Shi, which is not in the sense of accepting loss. Before you do any operation, you do not do a study and identify the risks around you. Can you avoid them or not,

What I mean is that you will certainly have a loss but what I mean here is the unexpected loss process.

Trust yourself while you work in trading
One of the most important things you should have is self-confidence during your work,

Where the professional trader must have confidence in himself, and be confident of himself and be aware of and study around him, and not be characterized by excessive arrogance that leads to failure.

Rational trading
A professional trader must be rational in the process of trading and must be limited in circulation,

And will also achieve its goal of gains, as trading in a limited number of times better than the risk of large operations more and this ensures you gain and no loss in Forex.

Follow-up and follow-up every new Forex
The successful trader is following all the new in the field and following up everything that goes on in the market again,

Currency markets in general have to be followed again in a second because they are in permanent changes and need to follow up and must follow the economic and political events because they affect the currency markets and their value. In each order, you must restrain yourself and balance with the events around you and the speed of making your right decision at the right time to achieve your winning deal.