Have you ever wondered why so few forex traders succeed while 90% of forex traders fail to succeed? The following are 10 main reasons:

1. Find easy and fast money

It must be emphasized that foreign exchange trading does not have a quick scheme to get money. Achieving consistent profitable results from foreign exchange trading is difficult. It requires Forex trading education, patience, discipline, emotion control, etc. until you get successful in the world of currency trading.

2. Find your hard drive

Many people have asked me, "What is the best Forex trading system?" The answer is that there are no such trading systems in currency trading. Many forex traders spend years trying to find a stable forex trading system, but they fail to find one. The main reason is changes in the Forex market every moment.

3. Insufficient correct education

One reason Forex traders fail is not getting enough education. Some people who came to the Forex trade did not open any Forex books or even tried to educate themselves about currency trading. You need some Forex training through Forex courses, Forex trading systems and then a teacher helps you train properly.

4. Lack of discipline

Discipline is very important in forex trading that it will reward you by accumulating your profits if you adhere to it and can convert your forex trading account into something when it lacks it.

5. Lack of patience

Forex traders always follow prices because they do not want to lose any golden opportunity. In Forex trading, there is nothing like the golden opportunity for me because all Forex trading machines are equally important.

6. Non-management of funds

Most forex traders completely forget the risks of forex trading. Because they only think about how much they will win and do not plan for them. Managing money limits your risk on every trade you make so that you will be able to trade tomorrow, next week, and months and years.

7. Failure to control emotions

The correct thinking is to follow your forex trading plan. You should stay calm if you lose trade, and you should know that there are infinite opportunities to earn again. Do not let greed overtake you!

8. There are unrealistic expectations

People come to Forex trading and think they will earn tons of money, from $ 1000 then reaching $ 100,000 in a very short period of time. This is completely untrue.

Lack of guidance and support

Once you have a trading system, the teacher not only gives you Forex advice, but also has the ability to approach success as your learning curve will be shortened and answers your doubts to enhance your confidence.

10. Search for excitement

Some other forex traders may think it's very exciting to trade in the Forex market, but to me, forex trading is boring if you want to be profitable and stress-free.