General trend: The Dow Jones American average is witnessing a bullish trend in the short term through a bullish channel rising from 25400 levels to 26100 levels, which recorded yesterday to reach the highest level in two weeks, which found resistance to failure to breach, Up to the 25860 level, which is support for the upside trend line, so we are expected to see a rebound from these levels, and if the bullish channel breaks, we will see a change in direction in the short term.

Moving averages: In view of the moving averages, we find that the price is still above the 200 average and is currently touching the 100 average in a retesting framework. During the past week, , Pointing out more bullishness in the short term.

Liquidity Flow Index: In view of the liquidity flow indicator, which is a indicator of momentum and measurement of trading volumes, indicating the direction of liquidity flow either in the direction of buy or sell, we find that it reached the areas of 20, which are areas of saturation of selling, which confirms the flow of liquidity in Buying trend, supporting the upside move and continuing short-term uptrend this week.

Recommendation: Buy positions from 25990 levels can be entered with the first price target at 26200 then 26600, while holding 25800 as short term stop loss.

Markets await US Fed meeting today

Financial markets are watching today the Federal Reserve's decision on interest rates, inflation expectations and growth in 2019. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said that "the rate of interest rate hikes has weakened," and that the interest rate decision will depend entirely on the coming data. Given the recent data, :
Low inflation rates.
Significant reduction in non-agricultural private employment.
Low GDP growth rate.
A decline in the housing sector and new home sales.
Therefore, there is no reason for the Federal Reserve to continue its current monetary policy, which may put the US dollar under further pressure and decline, positively affecting US indices, particularly the US Dow Jones.