The CHFJPY completes the trading near the level of 83.24. The CHFJPYcontinues to move within the framework of the correction . Moving averages indicate a bullish. At the moment, we should expect an attempt to decrease and test the support level near the 83.24 area. Then, the growth of quotations with the target above the level of 83.79.

Risk Warning - Leverage and Margin Trading:

Trading in financial markets such as global and local equities, futures trading, options, forex trading, etc., especially when they contain financial facilities or levers, is very risky for your investments. Therefore, we recommend that all those who wish to enter into this type of trade be careful and cautious in their investments, and be aware of the full extent of the risk that may result in losses of money that may exceed in some cases the capital invested. The management of the Weely Daily Analysis  trader site advises any investor before making the decision to enter this type of trade on arming the weapon of science and knowledge and be cautious in its investment objectives and calculating the size of the risk that may accompany them. It should also be aware that not only the experience and science alone are sufficient for profit in the financial markets where That sometimes the markets may go against all expectations, so if you can not afford this kind of risk, we never recommend entering this type of trade because it may negatively affect your standard of living and personal life due to loss in the market.