The following countries illustrate the advantages of trading in Forex, unlike the trading in stocks (Stocks)

Forex Share Feature
No Yes trading 24 hours
No Yes Free Trade
No Yes Immediate execution of orders
No Yes Short sale without Uptick

It trades 24 hours a day

The foreign exchange market operates uninterruptedly for 24 hours a day. Brokerage companies operate their trading programs as of Sunday at 2PM EST until Friday 4 pm EST with 24/7 customer service with the ability to trade in the US, Asia, and European market. You can create a schedule for your forex trading anytime you want

Free trade without commissions

Most Forex brokers are far from committing crime, adding any additional fees on transactions, whether the currency trading is done online or by phone. There is credibility and transparency. The brokerage firms in the forex trade will not get the difference in the selling price from the purchase price only or spread (spread) For services.

Immediate implementation of orders

The price you see in the forex market under normal market conditions is already there. Therefore, when you click on the price you have, you buy and sell at the same current spot rate. You will find speed in executing the orders and grabbing the best opportunities as you actually see them. Unlike the stock market when you see different prices and you can not catch the price and then say (Yeeeaah!)

But under very turbulent market conditions for implementation may suffer delays.In implementation

Short Selling Without Uptick

Unlike the stock market there are no restrictions on short selling in the currency market. Trading opportunities in the currency market regardless of whether they are long or short term, or how the market moves. Since currency trading always involves buying and selling one other currency, there is no structural bias on the market. So always equal access to trade in both emerging and falling markets.

Here are other features that add to the many advantages of Forex

No brokerage
A central exchange of Forex offers many advantages to the trader. This feature prevents a third party between the client and brokerage company, and if found as in stocks, there will be additional charges to the customer. Currency trading eliminates intermediaries and customers have direct interaction with the market maker responsible for pricing on two pairs. Traders can get foreign exchange (Forex) faster and cheaper.

Full control over sales and purchase through trading programs

Forex brokerage companies are constantly trying to develop from their trading programs to be easy and convenient for customers in the implementation of faster orders and there is full control over those orders.

Analysts and brokerages are less likely to influence the Forex market

When you watch TV lately? You hear about some of the shares on the tongue of one of the analysts of the brokerage companies in the field of shares and the extent of bias to some shares, which may reflect on many of the followers of that analyst and therefore to the large losses in contrast to the full of Forex analysts and brokerage firms less influential.

8,000 shares versus 4 pairs of major currencies

There are approximately 4,500 shares listed on the NYSE. The other 3,500 are listed on the NASDAQ. In currencies there are dozens of currencies traded, but the vast majority of major trading markets focus on 4 major pairs and follow 4 pairs much easier than controlling thousands of stocks.